Summer Break Scholarships: When and How to Apply


Summer Break Scholarships: When and How to Apply

They call it summer break for a reason! Even if you’re working full-time at a camp, fast food joint or business, there is one big time drain missing from your life: homework. Not to mention, there are no after-school clubs, athletics or programs to attend.

That’s a pretty big relief after the busy year you’ve had, right?

Well, while you’re kicking your feet up after work or summer school, it’s important not to slow down on your scholarship search. Fortunately for you, we’ve found summer scholarships that are as equally laid back as your summer break.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind as you apply:

• Sign up to Granted 4 U and watch for your list throughout the summer to see your new scholarships.

• Organize the scholarships for which you want to apply by deadline.

• Start with the most recent, and devote one night each week to applying for scholarships. These summer break scholarships don’t take a lot of time, so you just need to devote one hour a week.

• Just like any other scholarship application, proofread and give each application your best.

So take pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – and get started on applying for these summer break scholarships.


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