Student Blog: Should High School Students Be Allowed to Vote?


The MOCK elections were at my school October 30th. All the juniors and senors all over California and other places put in their voice into who they think the next president of the USA should be to what propositions should take action. The lines were pact with students in the little theater at my school placing their votes. All the rage at school was who they would vote for. A lot of students went for Obama because he would not deport illegal Mexicans. Also because Romney didn’t have anything against women getting higher paying jobs and homosexuals getting married.

Only a few students that I heard of likes Romney because he sounded as if he was going to try his very best to keep the promises he made during his speeches. Also he wanted to bring back money to the middle class of the U.S. When the results came back though they were not in his favor. 72% of the students at Mission Bay High School went for Obama and the rest were for Romney.

See how the numbers would have changed the course of the elections if high school students were allowed to vote.

Submitted By: M. Romero


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