Scholarships Come in All Shapes & Sizes


Scholarships come from a variety of places. Maybe your local church group, bank, or trade union is offering money away to successful students who meet their criteria. Maybe it is your parent’s company and you didn’t even know it yet.

Which Shape and Which Size...Where Do I Look?

Which Shape and Which Size…Where Do I Look?

Scholarships are competitive awards that can come from a whole host of different places, groups, organizations, and people. Knowing where they come from is important because it can help you strategize on how best to prepare for them. In other words, how can you become eligible for free student money?

Many scholarships are about grades, mostly entrance scholarships, and these are automatically calculated upon your acceptance at an institution. The kinds of scholarships that are important to take action on are the ones that are more focused on qualitative attributes: who you are, goals, experiences, etc.

Matching these attributes to the awards criteria is what does for you with our online matching tool for students.

Finding out where the awards come from and what they are looking for can be a great resource to have, especially in advance of applying, so you have ample time to build your portfolio with the award’s criteria in mind.

For example, many awards call for some form of leadership experience. Knowing this can help you get involved in leadership before it is time to apply.


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