Scholarship Tip: The Devil is in the Details

Scholarship Tip: Get Organized & Stay Organized!

Scholarship Tip: Get Organized & Stay Organized!

What’s the number one killer of scholarship applications? If you guessed simple, preventable mistakes, you’d be correct. Attention to detail is vital for scholarship applications, from when to meet deadlines to the format in which you submit your application.

Some Common Mistakes:
Missing Deadlines: Probably the number one killer mistake of scholarship applications is missing a deadline. This is a great time to invest in a notebook or day planner, whether it’s on a computer or it’s a paper one.

Incorrect Information in applications, such as mispelling your name, address, or college/university.

Omitted information, such as leaving required boxes blank on an application form or failing to include required documents.

Not following directions for essay length requirements. If an essay question specifies 500 words, aim for exactly 500, no more, no less.

All of these mistakes are preventable. If you want to win, get organized from the very begining and stay organized!


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