Scholarship Tip: A Scholarship a Day

A Scholarship a Day

A Scholarship a Day

What’s the secret to applying for a lot of scholarships? Start early, like your sophomore year in high school, and make the promise and commitment to yourself to apply for one scholarship every day once you get a schedule set up. Here’s a way of approaching it.

Step 1. Take a weekend to do some serious, heavy research into scholarships. Spend two days just Googling for dollars, finding scholarships you are eligible for. Ideally, try to find about 100 scholarships in two days. No need to apply for them, just locate them.

Step 2. Make notes of the deadlines for those scholarships and put them into your calendar as shown in the next secret.

Step 3. Once everything is in your Google calendar, switch it to Agenda view, and see which are the first scholarship deadlines ahead of you.

Step 4. Apply for scholarships at least once per day, keeping on the schedule you have put together.

Step 5. When you’ve reached 100 scholarships, set aside another weekend and go hunting for more.


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