Looking for Scholarships? Use Our Scholarship Matching Service

Use A Scholarship Matching Service for the Best Results

Use A Scholarship Matching Service for the Best Results

As a Scholarship Matching Service, Granted 4 U is a business focused on customized scholarship matching inorder to win free grants and scholarships for college bound students. Granted 4 U provides you the greatest opportunity to obtain your higher education goals without additional financial stress.

Scholarship Matching Servicefrom our database of 1.5 million scholarships. We can provide a list of scholarships for everyone; whether you are a high school student, college student, graduate student or a returning adult.
Alerts Straight to Your Inboxemails delivered straight to your inbox, announcing new scholarships available to you.
Professional Advicefrom the nation’s leading scholarship experts – Granted 4 U.

Aid With Essays (proof-reading, recommendations, etc.)

Personalized Portfolio (details provided upon initial contact)
Grant & Scholarship Applications and Submissions. You do the essay or video and we will submit the applications on your behalf.
Constant Communication

All grant and scholarship marketing plans, monthly lists and applications are individually customized to suit the needs, wants and goals of the college-bound student and their family, based on our database of 1.5 million scholarships.

Why Should We Work With Granted 4 U When There Are Other Companies Out There That Will Do This For Free?

Granted 4 U works only for you!  Our mission is to work with you and seek out the free local, national, federal, and private grants and scholarships that you are entitled to receive.  We are not working for one college, university, or grant and scholarship organization.  We work for you!  We have access to over 3 billion grants and scholarship organizations that other schools will not help you seek out.  They are more interested in what guidelines they have to follow and what is offered within their own organization where Granted 4 U is interested in helping you decrease the financial burden and stress by looking at every free local, national, federal and private resource we have that fits your criteria.
Contact Erinn Drysdale via email at info@granted4u.com or at 812.822.1949 and let us help you win money for your higher

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