A Balancing Act: School & the Scholarship Search

The Early Bird Gets the Worm When It Comes to the Scholarship Game

The Early Bird Gets the Worm When It Comes to the Scholarship Game

If you’re a student, you probably feel conflicted between your scholarship search and the responsibilities of school.

On top of attending classes, you likely have responsibilities like extracurricular activities, volunteering, homework and, not to mention, you probably want a little time left over for some sort of social life.

Plus, if you’re a high school student, you are expected to study for the ACT/SAT and complete college applications.

If you’re not in high school, odds are you have a part-time job in addition to a full course load.

You’re also expected to find time to sleep. Yeah, like that’s possible.

With such a long list of responsibilities, it’s no wonder that the scholarship search is put on the back burner for most students.

But, word of caution: the early bird gets the worm when it comes to the scholarship game.

How do students do it all?

Starting Your Search

Good news! Starting your search on Fastweb is easy! Just keep your profile up to date with your activities, studies and interests. If you do so, your scholarship matches will be tailored specifically to who you are, making it much less of a hassle to sort through.

Plan a scheduled time with a goal, like a half hour at the beginning of each month to devote to sorting through all of your scholarship matches and classify them on your dashboard.

As you’re sorting through your matches, remember that the more you apply for, the better your odds are of winning!


Create a schedule, based on the deadlines of scholarships you would like to apply for.

Schedule a date to have the first draft of your essay completed, a final draft due date as well as a date to have your materials gathered and, finally, a due date to have all of the above complete.

Your due date to have everything completed should be before the deadline to ensure you’re not scrambling at the last minute to submit your complete application.

Stay Committed

Yes, it’s easier said than done. If you choose a schedule that fits your style, it’s much easier to stay committed to your search.

You can decide what works best for you – spreading out your search in smaller increments more regularly or longer blocks of time less frequently.

Try to spend the time you devote to your search in a library or office. That way, you’ll be sure to stay on task and get more done in the process.

Written By: Elizabeth Hoyt


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