Scholarship Tip: The Scholarship Search


Scholarship Tip: The Scholarship Search

You may feel like scholarship awards are too competitive for you to be eligible for many, but someone has to win, so why shouldn’t it be you?  There are ways to improve your chances at landing a scholarship, even if it’s the most competitive scholarship with the biggest reward.  Target academic scholarships if you have a stellar GPA and standardized test scores, but also make a list of what makes you unique and make sure to include those characteristics when you’re filling out your profile or looking to outside sources for potential scholarship resources.

Once you’ve got a good list going of scholarships you’re eligible for, it’s time to go over those results and make the ones with approaching deadlines and those you feel you have the best shot at winning your top priority.  (If you don’t match the criteria of one award, don’t apply.  There are too many scholarships out there that will fit your unique student characteristics that you shouldn’t be wasting your time on awards you don’t fit the eligibility requirements for.)

Don’t be shy about contacting scholarship providers and declaring your candidancy for this year’s winner.  Be sure you contact each provider in the manner they’ve requested; whether it’s email, fax ormail, as it’s important that you follow the directions of any scholarship application, to the letter.  To maximize your scholarship application output and the scholarships you’ll receive, be sure to start as early as possible, usually October of your senior year of high school.

The Application Process

Whe you’re ready to start applying, it’s important to get organized.  One of the most important steps once you find an award that interests you, is to read the directions, qualifications and fine print carefully.  You may even find some of the work you can do can be applied to multiple scholarship applications – such as an essay or writing example.  (Be sure you read the directions for those essays carefully, though.  Make sure you’re answering the essay question accurately and thoughtfully, as many judges will look at those essays to narrow down a long list of applicants.)  Start working on those essays early, and ask teachers or your peers for honest feedback.

If it sounds too easy, that’s because it actually is easy to apply for scholarships.  Some may require that you put in some time, but once you’ve completed an application or two, you might find it will get easier and take less time with each additional one.  Don’t psych yourself out or let yourself get overwhelmed by all you need to do before you graduate high school.  Start early and work diligently and it will pay off.  And remember, you are not alone.  Many students feel unprepared when they start the process, but with a little research, preparation, and help from Granted 4 U, you can be on your way to an impressiv financial aid package.


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