Campus Tour: Observations


Intellectual Atmosphere Of The College

  • What is the student attitude towards learning?  So most seem to enjoy their courses?
  • Does there seem to be an active exchange of ieas outside of classrooms?
  • Does there seem to be a real ‘grind’ atmosphere?  Would the campus be characterized as “cut-throat” or “cooperative”?
  • What are the opportunities of Independent Study, Honors Program, Co-op, Internships, Study Abroad, Exchange Program/Consortia, Independent Majors, Reasearch?
  • Do you feel you would fit in intellectually?

Social Climate

  • Does social life revolve around the capmus or do students leave on the weekend?
  • What social and cultural activites are provided by campus?  Influence of the Greek system?
  • What facilities are provided for socializing?  Is there a Student Center?
  • What range of clubs and organizations are there?  Are these organized predominantly traditional, exotic, artistic, issue orientated?
  • Do the students seem friendly and willing to help?
  • Is there a ‘typical’ student?  Preppy, offbeat, nondescript, clean-cut, messy?

Campus Life

Does the appearance of the campus please you?  Are the buildings and grounds well maintained?

What are the living arrangements for students?

  • Large dorms
  • House or college system
  • Apartments
  • Single rooms
  • Doubles
  • On-campus
  • Off-campus
  • Co-ed
  • After freshman year, how are students housed?  Are upper-class students guaranteed housing?
  • Are there limitations on visiting hours?
  • Are there ‘quiet hours’?  Can you study in your room?  Where do most people study?  Is there adequate living space?
  • Is dining centralized or decentralized?  What dining options do you have?
    • Weekly meal plans
    • Dietary options
    • Hours of service
    • Quality and tastiness of food

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